Parent Teacher Association

P.S. 112 Lefferts Park

PTA Meeting Minutes

April 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes 4/21/16 @ 9am& 6pm

Minutes will be posted shortly. 

Presentation Materials from Introduction to Middle School Seminar

March 2016 PTA Meeting Minutes 3/23/16 @ 6pm

Principal Remarks – Mrs. Alfano
Book of the Month – Brave Girl
Mrs. Alfano informs the parents that the park near the school, Lt. Joseph Petrosino Park will be underdoing renovations.  Parents offered suggestions for improvement which centered on improved security and better separation of the park for the different age groups that utilizes the park including the additions of more activates for smaller children. 

Dial-a-Teacher Seminar
Dial-a-Teacher Is a resource of everyone
They have access to all the materials that is on the curriculum so they can assist on current homework assignments.
Homework should be consistent routine.  Such as dinner and bedtime.
When there is no set time there is “negotiation”. 
Routines will minimize the “negotiation”.
Also have a “Toolkit” readily available.  Have everything that children needs to start homework so there is less distraction.  This includes dictionary, reference books, study sheets, art supplies, computer, thesaurus, ruler, paper, etc.
Working in routines gives children something they feel comfortable with.
Optimal setup is to provide assistance and not let the children do the homework on their own.
Dial-a-Teacher telephone number is 212-777-3380
They offer support in many languages.

PTA President Bob Lee discusses the calendar of events and asks for volunteers for yearbook and picture day.  Volunteers interested in working on the yearbook can meet Friday morning at the PTA office in the Annex.  Next PTA meeting date to be announced.

Meeting is adjourned at 7:13pm 

If you have topics you want to discuss at a future meeting, please send us a note at

PTA Meeting Agenda

November 17, 2016 6pm Meeting 

  • Remarks from the Principal, Mrs. Alfano
  • Book of the Month
  • Upcoming events - Yearbook & Year-end events
  • Parent Questions and Answers
  • ​Other topics TBD
Louise Alfano, Principal
Margaret Marascia, Assistant Principal
Mary Kayser, Assistant Principal